Friday, June 29, 2007

Ready to go


The Escape is packed...

And the Roofbag is on...

Now would be a good time to explain the history of this adventure. Five years ago Laurel and I were in Boulder for our honeymoon. We were rock climbing noobs back then. We swore that within five years we would climb a Flatiron.

Last summer we realized our time was almost up to meet that goal. We talked about going back to Colorado for our 5-year anniversary. Laurel's dad suggested we make it a long road trip, and offered us his Escape. At the time it was "just" a 4-week vacation. But things were busy at work so I got to roll extra vacation time over to this year, and voila! 4 weeks turns into 6.

Without the vision and generosity of Laurel's dad this trip would not be the same. While we have his Escape all summer, he's stuck driving our Echo to the train station or into the city. That great roof bag was a gift from him as well. Thanks Jim!

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Jackie said...

"It's not the destination but the journey that counts." (Bill Waterman)

And what a journey your life is! Have a great adventure and have fun! I'll be looking forward to your updates.