Friday, June 8, 2007

Gunks weekend

Not a very good week for training... working too much. I walked around the pond with Tom on Wednesday.

My dad's buddy Wes mailed us his copy of AMC Outdoors since there's an article in it about classic climbs in New England. I flipped through quickly last night, will have to read more this weekend. There are some serious cliffs in NH, 600-800 foot walls!!

We're heading out to the Gunks tonight. They got an inch of rain on Monday and might get some today, but hopefully it will be dry tomorrow and Sunday. Can't be any worse than the first time we climbed there -- it had rained 3 inches the day before! John may join us if he's not tethered to his job and Yvin's going to meet us at the cliff early Sunday morning. Should be a fun time.

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