Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shopping list

The Devils Tower climbing handbook came in the mail yesterday! I read through all the intro material and studied the topos for Durrance. I'm ready!

Sorry, the rest of this post is just a boring shopping list and some notes.

Some things we need to get (or think about anyway)
  • A few more shoulder length slings. Not sure about those Dyneema slings (all we could find at EMS), but I guess we've got enough "normal" slings that they'd be OK. We'll see what REI carries.
  • ... and 'biners to go with those slings. Would be nice to get more BD ovalwires, but we'll take what we can get. If we just get regular ovals or D's, we can use those to rack our cams so we have the ovalwires for slings.
  • #4 Camalot (will want this for Devils Tower)
  • More Tricams maybe? -- #2.5, #3, and #4 (I think that bluish one we have is a #2)
  • More Hexes maybe? -- just noticed we have #6-8, so there's still #9-11 in the bigger sizes. I think Yvin's got a spare #10 for us if we see him before we leave.
  • The Devils Tower guidebook suggests (in general) a double set of cams up to 3". For the route we're doing I think we can get away with tricams and hexes to double up on mid-sized gear, especially after reading some of these trip reports.
Other things to think about...
  • Time to get a new rope? The blue one is fine but the other 60m we have is 5 years old and dirty. And 11mm. It would be nice to get a 9mm maybe to cut down on weight. A rope that changes weave patterns halfway through would be nice! Expensive though...
  • With two ropes, the leader could trail one or use them as half/double ropes. That could be interesting... maybe ease some rope drag if we can figure out how to make it work well. Belaying gets harder.
  • Jerry at work mentioned Vedauwoo... should check it out. Maybe the Needles in SD too?

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Laurie Patterson said...

I just read through several of your posts. I see you plan on stopping in Detroit? WHY. I'm from suburban Detroit, which is lovely, but Detroit. I guess be sure to stop at the RenCen (Renaissance Center and Heart Plaza). If you're going through Niagra, you can cross over to the US in Winsor/Detroit. I'm sure you have that all figured out. Can't wait for your trip myself. I'll be following you.

Laurie Patterson