Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 10, Devils Tower


We spent 12 hours climbing up the Durrance route. We bailed 150 feet from the top due to heat and running low on water. Before the three double-rope rappels to the bottom, we climbed 6 pitches, gaining 430 feet elevation. Dan took his first fall on lead -- 15 feet on a #4 Camalot. Not a bad piece to fall on.


Camping in the park campground again tonight.


John said...

Dude, was that my #4 or your #4?

Brian said...

12 hours? Good lord! I'm usually beat before 11 hours. :)

Thomas said...

Damn, that's a hell of a climb. . .kind of scary to look down and see the tops of trees.

One thing I'm definitely jealous of - both you and the guy in the yellow Subaru are seeing some beautiful scenery. Stuff I wish I could take pictures of :) You've got some amazing shots in there.

Big Wall Nuts said...

John, it was my #4. I was very conscious to rack cams so I would use my gear before yours, and that pitch only had 1 #4. However, there was a later pitch where I used both.

Funny thing... on one pitch, I was in the middle of a crux move trying to get your #3.5 placed when I discovered that one of the wires was no longer connected to the trigger. Oh wait, that's not funny at all, actually it totally sucked. I was able to fix the cam tho once I topped out on that pitch.