Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 17, recap

We climbed a Flatiron today! If you don't care about the play-by-play and just want to look at the pictures, here's the album.

After the climb we had dinner at The Sink, then ice cream, then sat in the hottub for a while.


Jackie said...

More awesome photos! Great shot of the sunrise! Another one for my wall. :) I liked the sunrise Brian took as well, over his campsite.

Did you ever figure out if those beady eyes were bear or deer? What a climb that must have been!

John said...

Is that a fox in picture IMG_1121.JPG? That may have been what was watching you early in the morning.

Big Wall Nuts said...

No way of knowing for sure what animal the eyes belonged to, but it wasn't a fox. It was a big animal, its eyes cleared the 2-4' grasses growing in the meadow. The fox we saw was at the top of the 1st Flatironette, and a guy we talked to later in the day on the climb said the fox hangs out up there.