Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 2, eh?


We packed up, ate our KOA pancakes, and left. First stop was Devil's Hole State Park. On the hike down to the river we saw a neat limestone cave.

Down at the shores of the Niagara we got a good look at the Power Vista.

There are some pretty good rapids down there. Did some trail running towards the falls to get to the giant whirlpool at the bend in the river.

Headed back up to Whirlpool state park to get a bird's eye view of the whirlpool, but the up-close view was better. The whirlpool boats and whirlpool skycar looked lame. It was much more fun jumping from rock to rock down by the river.

Up top I saw a woodchuck. Had lunch at picnic table. It was nice to sit after hiking and running for 2.5 hours.

Took the Rainbow Bridge into Canada.

Rode a double decker bus from the falls parking lot to the Journey Behind the Falls. The "Journey" was kinda lame compared to last night -- lots of waiting, not as exciting and not as wet. But we did get behind the falls which was neat. There was supposed to be a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer to take pictures with but we saw no Mountie.

We watched the Imax movie about the legends of the falls (no Brad Pitt) then walked around the Clifton Hill area. Much busier than I remember it being 15 years ago.

We'd had enough of the falls so around 6pm we left. We drove along Lake Erie, saw some cute cottages on the shore. It's a big lake. We tried to check out Rock Point Prov. Park, but they wanted 11 buckaroos just to drive in. So we headed back to the road and had dinner at Kim's Fire Pit. It's just a trailer on the side of the road but it was tasty.

Laurel says she's seen lots of hairy cows but I haven't seen any yet. I guess they're keeping warm.

It's Canada Day, eh?

Tomorrow we're going to some Peelee Island or something and then into Michigan. Maybe some rock climbing.


Laurie Patterson said...

That's Point Pelee in Canada. It's Canada's most southern tip. I've been there several times. It's a great place for bird watching in the spring a fall, well any time for that matter.

Remember Laurel I'm from Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. I grew up in Birmingham and lived in Royal Oak just before I moved to Mass. Have fun. I'm enjoying your blog.

Laurie Patterson

Jackie said...

You're really close, it was exactly 17 years ago (the end of June 1990). Brings back a lot of memories. I'm having fun following your blog.