Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 20, rest?

Thursday started out as a rest day after hiking Mt. Ida. We did some laundry then drove around parts of South Boulder, out to Loiusville / Lafayette, up to Erie / Longmont, had lunch at a Chipotle's (why don't we have these in MA?) and back through North Boulder (Nobo). We then stopped to do a little shopping on Pearl Street before heading back to the Lodge where we hung out for most of the evening.

There was a talk at Neptune by a Jason McDonald. The writeup on their webpage says:
Join mountaineer Jason McDonald for a slide show of the ultimate extremes the other side of the world has to offer. Jason tackles the Australia Ironman Triathlon and the Snowy Mountain Range of New South Wales - including Mt. Kosciuszko, the continents highest point. Jason also races in the 2003 ITU World Triathlon Championships in Queenstown, New Zealand, then climbs the highest peaks in the Southern Alps - including Mt. Cook. His pictures and stories will inspire the climber and racer alike.

Well, about an hour before it started we were bored and decided to do some rollerblading. We were having fun so we decided to keep blading and skip the talk. Except then we noticed we were sorta heading towards Neptune anyway, so we bladed all the way there on the Broadway Boogie Trail, making it just in time (8PM, 3.5 miles). Around 9:15 we ducked out and bladed back in the dark along the well-lit (in most places) path. Good night!


Jackie said...

I was checking out the Chipotle's cool web site, and they actually do have one in MA.... in Medford, 35 miles from Marlborough.

Brian said...

A rest day! What a great idea... so tempting... but must press on...

I think we'll be meeting soon. I'm in Utah now, headed to Colorado. How's the heat up there? I still haven't recovered from Death Valley :)

Clare said...

Hey guys! Just read your entire blog - WOW! Sounds like you are having a great time! Love the pics and the links to lots of places - very cool!