Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 23, long bike ride

Since we rented the bikes overnight we decided to go for a nice long ride today. This map isn't exactly our route, but it's pretty close. We had a hard time reading the bike map a few times so the trip was more like 25-30 miles. Good 5 hour bike ride. Except for the few miles we were on US-36. That was a little scary.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill, then we headed to Chautauqua park for another Colorado Music Festival concert -- Violin Jim got us comp tickets again! The Klezmer Clarinet Concerto (and the clarinetist's encore) was incredible. Bernstein was fun too.

No pictures from today.

Tomorrow we're going to set up a toprope on the first pitch of the Castle Rock climb we did so we can get Jim (and maybe a few of his friends) on the rock.

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