Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 25, RMNP pop quiz


Please answer these questions, we're stumped!

1. If a mountain lion and a bear met in the woods, who would win the fight?

2. Why do the animals need a waffle iron?

3. Why are elk and sheep butts white?


4. There are lots of twisted trees in these forests. How does this happen?


Check out our photo album for the day, lots and lots of flower pictures today.

Oh yeah, and the three of us made it to the top of Twin Sisters. The Rockies are truly an impressive result of millions of years of geological activity!

Quesadillas for dinner and ice cream from Glacier on the Hill.

Tomorrow morning we pack up and check out.


Jackie said...

Once again you have some great photos! Can't believe the beautiful blue skies. Seems like you've had great weather just about the entire trip. Where to next? Is Brian joining you for awhile?

Ice cream place looks great! 80 flavors? I have a hard time picking from 10!

Thomas said...

1. Mountain lion

2. If the stump was still alive, I'd say maybe it had something to do with grafting another tree onto it.

3. They're always bent over, butt in the air, when they eat, so it gets more sun :)

4. Kind of like a sunflower - the trees twist to follow the sun - but can't twist back to position.

Lisa M. Furbush said...

1. The rabbit watching the fight.
2. It's not a waffle iron - it's a groundhogs checker board
3. It's camouflage - to hide from the polar bears.
4. They had a bad night playing limbo....and Harry Potter swopped through and froze their asses.

Alice said...

1. Whoever has more at stake. In the wild, probably the mountain lion, because the bear would be more likely to run away. But if you locked them both in a cage to battle to the death, probably the bear.

2. I'm stumped.

3. Good ole breeding.

4. Just the nature of the tree, instead of growing straight up, it screws itself out of the ground. Think in the Southern hemisphere the twist is in the opposite direction?

In a future post, I expect to hear your group consensus on the answers to these questions.

Glad to see that you're both doing well, and thanks for taking care of Brian!

Glen said...

There's really only two ways to know for sure: Use Google and click "I'm feeling Lucky!", or see what a Wikipedia search gives relevance = 100.0%.

You probably didn't think of that because you're off galivanting around in caves and mountains and stuff. You've lost sight of the fact that real life happens in the matrix.

The reality of the matrix is confirmed of course by the fact that searching like this inevitably ends up at World of Warcraft.

1. If a mountain lion and a bear met in the woods, who would win the fight? Google Wikipedia
2. Why do the animals need a waffle iron? Google Wikipedia
3. Why are elk and sheep butts white? Google Wikipedia
4. There are lots of twisted trees in these forests. How does this happen? Google Wikipedia

(BTW, a third option is biblegateway.com. I typed in the mountain lion question and it came back with something like "Fear not, for the Lord will protect you from conflict.")

Brian said...

Wow, some great answers (and some great research done) here. Here's what I think:

1. Depends on the type of bear. A panda bear wouldn't stand a chance, but Bear Grylls would beat the lion and eat its eyeballs.

2. To make waffles.

3. So the predators know when they're being mooned.

4. The higher the altitude, the more a tree is twisted due to the centrifigual force of the earth's rotation. Something to do with conservation of angular momentum, I believe.

Glen said...

Y'know, i have a confession to make. Every time i look at that picture of Dan at the top of Twin Sisters, i think "dang, his wall nuts aren't the only thing that are big....."

Nice stick, dude.

Dan said...

great answers! I think Brian's right on #1 and #2. Tom wins #3. Alice gets the prize for #4.

Glen: thanks!