Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 27, a new state!


Our tent is waterproof (enough)! I think there was an inch of rain last night and we didn't drown. Took a dip in the springs this morning and then took some pictures before we left. Stopped at Diagon Alley to watch a local practice his magic.

It was a long drive to Dinosaur NP. In the visitor center we saw a sign which informed us that "No human has ever seen a living dinosaur" -- at first I thought this contradicted what Brian learned in KY, but then I realized that the dinosaurs must have been invisible 6,000 years ago.

We saw some neat bone and "clam" fossils in the field. Maybe Rob the archaeologist can tell us what we're looking at?

Also saw some petroglyphs, which made me wonder why you never see petroglyphs of dinosaurs. Can you field that one Brian? Oh, never mind, it's because they were invisible. Duh.

Into Utah!

Got gas in Vernal, UT, where this pink dinosaur resides and where we saw a Halliburton truck.

Drove forever to get to Salt Lake City. Found Justin's new pad and the three of us went to Sage's Cafe for dinner. Delicious!

It was a fun night hanging out with Justin and catching up. Tomorrow we'll go climb somewhere. He's really good so we'll probably be struggling to follow him. Should be a fun challenge!


Thomas said...

Just a random thing I noticed. . .

Your camera takes pics in 4:3. Be aware they'll be cropped if you ever get them printed. Probably not so much a problem for you as it is for Jenn, or when you get your wedding pics printed and notice that the photographer has cropped some of the images to the wrong aspect ration and heads get cut off.

Brian said...

A competing theory is that people did in fact draw petroglyphs of dinosaurs, but the FSM erased them with his noodly appendage. Sometimes I just don't know what to believe!