Monday, July 2, 2007

Day 3, rustic camping == no wi-fi


Apparently the US is not "foreign" in Canada?

Checked out of the Queensland (smelly) Motel in Simcoe and started to drive through Southern Canadian farmland. Stopped at a stand for fresh picked strawberries -- second breakfast.

Got on the 401, stopped at the RM Classic Car Exhibit (and restoration shop), saw lots of really expensive old cars -- some sell at auction for millions, some are being touched up for the upcoming show at Pebble Beach. It was a long tour with meaningless (to us) details, but it was fun.

Went to Leamington, the tomato capital of Canada. Heinz is located there. The only reason we went was to see the info booth which is the shape of a giant tomato. There's a mural of the inside of a tomato inside the tomato. Go figure.

Continued on to Point Pelee National Park (not our nation though). Very dusty park, it could use some rain. Walked on beaches along Lake Erie to the southernmost tip of continental Canada. Scared some seagulls on the way.

Through Detroit, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Battle Creek. Drove around Battle Creek to see the Kellogg's plant and a bit of downtown. Laurel thinks Tigger and Tony are the same tiger but she's wrong. The area around Kellogg's is kinda run down. Saw the actual Battle Creek and some hot air balloons off in the distance.

Back on the road... drove through Kalamazoo to Warren Dunes State Park along Lake Michigan. Another Great Lake. You can't see across it. Dan thinks it's the ocean but he's wrong. Has waves like the ocean though...

We're so far west in this timezone that sunset was around 10PM! Good thing for us. We set up camp, had chicken & stovetop & corn for dinner and then walked a mile to the general store (at 10:30PM) for ice cream.


Laurie said...

I've been to Lemmington to see the big tomato too. I miss Michigan. I think the hardest part of moving to Mass was the sunset time. It seems to me that summer never comes because it's never still light at 10:00. Hope you enjoyed seeing Michigan and her Great Lakes. They do look like the ocean, but not salty.


Thomas said...

Doh! I could have sent people out to harass you in Ann Arbor. It's a pretty cool place - one of the places friends almost convinced me to move to (until he was laid off). And the mongolian BBQ there is really good!