Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 31, Devilish things


First, a little commentary.

This country is full of things that belong to the Devil. We've been to Devil's Hole State Park in NY, Devil's Lake State Park in WI, Devils Tower in WY. Not to mention Purgatory Chasm in MA and I'm sure numerous other places.

Well, we discovered Devil's Radiant Heat last night. It was cool in the park, in the 60's, but the ground was still very hot (even in the morning) and so we had a very warm night in our tent.

After we got up and repacked the car we headed to the Devil's Garden area of Arches and headed out to see some arches. This 7 mile hike was spectacular -- really put the rest of the park to shame. Took lots of pictures of arches and other scenery. One stop on the trip was "Dark Angel", I wonder what that could be referring to?

Around 2pm we left the park. First stop was to see more arches:

Dan tried the Devil's Milkshake. It was Shrek flavored or something. It tasted OK but gave him one helluva bellyache.

We drove to Colorado National Monument. It's a smaller one but has some breathtaking views -- one to revisit someday. Took more pictures.

Then drove to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. We set up camp and started cooking dinner. Dan discovered the Devil's Anthill just below the picnic table. A whole metropolis of biting ants living in 3 anthills that were each the size of a cereal bowl. How do we know they were biting ants? Well, when you have ants in your pants you just know.

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