Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 6, Climbing!


Our tent was covered with dew and rain this morning when we got up so we left it to dry. Drove to the south shore of Devil's Lake to climb the bluffs that we had scoped out yesterday. The tower we found (above) was actually kinda lame, the part of it we could climb was only 15' high. So instead we hiked to the top of the West Bluff Trail and searched for the Lost Face cliff, which has the highest climb in the West Bluffs. It took a lot of scrambling and scouting to find it. Dan led the pitch (pic below), it was about 80 feet of fun, varied 5.6 climbing -- ledges, cracks, dihedrals, a few stem moves. After Laurel cleaned the route we each lowered off so we could climb back up with our packs and retreat.

There were lots of turkey vultures flying over the lake and over us. When they flapped their wings it made quite a sound! The view was great, the lake sparkled.

Driving out of Wisconsin we saw some random rock formations. There are lots of funny county road signs, like PP and EW and ET. Laurel was overly excited to see a Wisconsin cranberry bog. Looked a lot like the ones in Massachusetts. Drove through Eau Claire (eau yeah baby!) on our way to a campsite in Woodbury, MN.

We headed to St. Paul for the night. Dinner at the St. Clair Broiler was delicious, good recommendation from Renee. As was the Grand Ole Creamery for dessert.

We saw R2D2 on a walk around Grand Ave.

For some reason there are dinosaurs roaming all over the city.

Stopped at the capitol building and walked around a little.

Tomorrow morning we'll take a dip in the pool and head to Minneapolis. A quick jaunt into Iowa for lunch, then start the long drive through South Dakota.

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Renee L C said...

Glad you enjoyed the St. Clair Broiler and the ice cream! Ah yes, dinosaur decorations... St. Paul has decorated statues of something every summer. Normally Charlie Brown characters - as Charles Schulz was from St. Paul. I think they finally ran out of characters, though... Enjoy your trip!!