Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day 8, very busy


We went for a 2.5 mile run this morning along the edge of the bison range and then along the lower cliff trail. The prairie is beautiful.

The cliffs look nice too! 50-90 feet tall for 1.5 miles. Definitely a place to come back to for a week of camping and climbing.

The state park campground is even better than the last place we stayed.

No climbing today, too many other things to do.

Our first stop was the Corn Palace. They have redecorated the palace using corn and grains since 1892. Corny but artful/interesting.

Next stop: try to find the highest point on I-90. Well guess what, there's no sign, and the highest point seems to be in Chamberlain, not Oacoma as the sign in MA suggests!

The landscapes are beautiful. Bold yellows and greens where crops are planted, mottled hills of wild grasses, soft blue skies with wispy clouds, rolls of hay dotting the fields.

Next: a restored sod house from 100 years ago.

Next: the Badlands. Separate blog entry for that.

Next: Wall Drug. What a waste of time. It's the 'South of the Border' of the West.

Next: heading towards Mt. Rushmore we saw what we think is a wildfire north of I-90.

Next: Mt. Rushmore. We got there just a bit before 9 PM. Had dinner at the monument cafe (good bison stew) while they played a 20 minute movie explaining who each president was. After the movie they light the monument.

Staying in a hotel tonight since there is bad weather.

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Brian said...

LOL, I should have warned you about Wall Drug. At least it's not too far off the highway. I did find something good in Wall though, I got an oil change at the Wall Lube and Espresso shop (!?)