Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stops and Stats

This map shows where we stopped for the night on the trip out. Not the exact route we took, but close enough.

Drove 3172 miles (time for an oil change) and consumed 157 gallons of gas, so approx 20.2 MPG. This is not a very eco-friendly vacation...

For the license plate game: all we have left is Washington DC and Hawaii. We've seen a bunch of Canadian Provinces' plates too: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. And some US GOV plates.

We've added 8 new states that we had previously never been to: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois*, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska. (* Laurel had been to Chicago before).

Total states (provinces) visited on this trip: 12 (1): MA, NY, (ON), MI, IN, IL, WI, MN, IA, SD, WY, NE, CO.

This map shows states we'd been to before (blue), new states we visited on the way out (green), new states we expect to hit on the way back (yellow), and states we have not yet visited (red).

Blog posts will probably slow down a bit until we start traveling again.


Brian said...

That map is so cool! (I want to make one now :)

Big Wall Nuts said...

Good -- I was hoping it would encourage you!

John said...

What, no more posts? What the heck else am I supposed to read at work?

Big Wall Nuts said...

read brian's blog, i imagine he's still going :)

Brian said...

As long as I make it out of bear country alive :)