Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day 39, Indiana and Ohio


Started the day with a trail run. Two miles through Illinois woods. Still hot and humid. Hit the road for Indianapolis after nice showers and breakfast at the local IGA.

First stop was the Indianapolis Speedway. We drove under the racetrack to the parking lot of the speedway museum. Neither Laurel nor Dan had any interest in learning about racing or taking the raceway bus tour (funny how that works, we'll pay $40 for Elvis but not $6 for Nascar), we took some pictures and headed to the Lambda Chi Alpha Headquarters. A nice kid gave us a tour of the building. Dan also got to see some secret stuff.

We decided to head downtown to see the Capitol and government buildings. They were air conditioned. The Capitol had a huge ear of corn advertising the upcoming state fair. Very tacky. We walked a couple of blocks to the market place. It must be more of a breakfast/lunch place because by 3:00 just about everything was shut down. We did get some Amish peanut butter, though. It's very sweet.

Started driving east again. Next stop was John Bryan State Park in Ohio, a park with rocks! Yes, climbable, legal rocks. We toproped a couple of climbs which were hard and dirty. The rounded limestone covered with a nice layer of dirt didn't make for the best climbing.

Now we're camping west of Columbus in Buck Creek State Park; tomorrow we will journey into Columbus for a bit, then on to DC to visit with Renee and Liam.

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