Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 41, Nuke-ular mushrooms


Yellowcake mushrooms?

Saw a really funny sign today: "George Bush Center for Intelligence". At first I thought, wow, that explains a lot... but then Laurel pointed out there was no "W" so it must mean "HW". She was right.

Once again, Renee's ideas for something fun to do were right on. We roundtripped the Appalachian Trail through WV, and checked out Harpers Ferry and Shepherdstown. Just a little rain to sidetrack us but it worked out OK.

Some critters we saw on the AT:

Those are the same millipedes that are all over the place at the Gunks in NY.

Met up with Ben at Stardust in Alexandria for dinner and drinks. Fantastic place (Renee and Liam, you gotta try it). Jen joined us after her pottery class was over. It was a fun night.


Brian said...

How big were those Gunks millipedes? We saw similar looking ones in the Smokies; they were probably 4-5 inches long. And I just posted a pic of the ones I saw at Olympic, they're a bit smaller (3 inches?) but funky looking.

Big Wall Nuts said...

yeah, they're big. i'd never seen them before until we went to the Gunks, but apparently they live in other places too.