Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 42, This Old House

Went out to breakfast with Ben, then headed over to his house. It's like a This Old House jobsite. The whole house is torn down to the studs -- no walls or ceilings and there are places were the floors have been torn up too. Ben's got a ton of work to do and the ambition to match. We checked it out for about an hour then drove up to Jersey.

Laurel's cousin Christy just had a baby girl! We spent some time with them then headed further up 295 to Laurel's aunt and uncle's house. Had a good dinner and wine with Janice and Butch and talked to Butch for a while about his adventures.

Heard from a neighbor that our upstairs bathroom leaked and our dining room ceiling is slightly water damaged, so looks like we'll be heading home. Nice that it happened at the end of our trip instead of the beginning.

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