Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 44, walstib

This is Really The End, because tomorrow Dan goes back to work. Weird.

Dan's parents came up today to say happy birthday. Dan and his dad fixed the leaky toilet, Laurel and his mom picked blueberries and made a delicious dinner.

We finally got to see the Simpson's movie and got some ice cream afterward.

Here's a short trip tally (yes, I'm ripping off Brian's idea):
  • Miles driven: 8677
  • Gallons of gas guzzled: 420
  • Average MPG: 20.6
  • States visited: 28 (+ DC and Ontario)
  • License plates seen: all 50 states, DC, 5 Indian nations, 7 Canadian provinces, 1 Mexican, 1 European, Diplomat, US Gov
  • Devil's things found: Overlook, Lake, Tower, Garden, Kitchen, Thumb
  • Photos taken: 2900+
  • Photos put up on photo album: 650+
  • Escape top speed: 100 MPH (on a big downhill in UT)
  • Escape top elevation: 13185'
  • Big Wall Nuts top elevation: 14433'
  • Gear left/lost on the rock: 2 nuts, 1 quickdraw, 1 quicklink

Thanks for tuning in and commenting, it made the trip even more fun. Probably won't be posting anymore, but maybe when we do some local climbing.


Jackie said...

This has been a fantastic blog. We've really enjoyed keeping up with your travels from day to day. Looking forward to the next time. :) Pictures are awesome... can't wait till the book comes out!

Brian said...

Welcome back! Great blog; it was always either the first or second page I looked at every day on my trip :)

And thanks for the Road Runner link. Man, that sure reminded me of Arches NP!

Laurie Patterson said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful trip. I have enjoyed following along with you across the U.S. I, myself, am in Lansing, Michigan visiting my parents, so just now finished up reading you blog. I noticed that none of you photos are available. Too bad. I would have liked to have seen the rest of them.

take care, and rest up for school, Laurel.