Sunday, August 19, 2007

One week later...

Not on vacation anymore but we're making do. Laurel ran last Sunday, Dan joined her for some running on Monday, Friday, and Saturday mornings. Rode bikes and got ice cream on Saturday morning too.

On Saturday Donna and JJ got married!! Happy day.


On Sunday we hiked Mt. Greylock, the highest peak in MA (3491'). We got a late start in the morning, so we intended to go straight to the Cheshire Harbor trailhead but got a little lost and ended up at the visitors' center instead. So finally at 3:40 we started our hike... we were a little concerned about daylight but luckily it only took an hour and a half to reach the summit. We checked out the lighthouse and looked out at neighboring mountains and New England states before starting the hour long hike back. It was a fun hike.

Still not sure why there is a lighthouse on the top of a mountain that is 100s of miles from the ocean.

This Thoreau quote carved in rock is quite apropos to our previous months' adventures:

It were as well to be educated in the shadow of a mountain as in more classic shade.  Some will remember, no doubt, not only that they went to college, but that they went to the mountain.

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Donna said...

Glad the rest of the weekend was fun, too! What the Wall Nuts failed to mention is that Laurel actually performed the marriage ceremony (beautifully) and Dan memorized and recited a long poem for one of the readings. They both did a great job. So Dan, the question remains - what became of the twirling poofy dress video? ;)