Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Apartment Scenario

So many of you reading are probably wondering if we have somewhere to live. Well, the short answer is no. We're in a hotel and more than likely we'll be here for another couple of days. For the long answer, see below.

About a week ago we found a great place 2 blocks from Pearl Street (downtown) in a stand-alone 2-bedroom house. Our realtor looked at it and gave it her approval. So, we sent in applications, fees, and deposits. The credit check went through and it looked like we were all set...until last Thursday, that is. We were talking to our contact at the property management company confirming all the details when she said the move in date was July 6th. It had been advertised the whole time as July 1st so this was a problem. We got in touch with the actual owner and he said he would see if the tenants could move out earlier, etc., etc. By Monday we hadn't heard anything so we called the owner back. This time he told us it was available August 6th. Needless to say this is not going to work for us. So, we drove out here as fast as we could so we could start looking at the small selection of apartments available for immediate occupancy.

All day Friday we looked at places. We probably saw 8 places all over Boulder. None of the apartments really excited us. The last place we saw was in the best location (9 blocks from Pearl and in the heart of North Boulder) so we kind of jumped at it. In retrospect, that was probably not the best idea. Dan and I both woke up at 5:00 this morning thinking that we would never get our stuff to fit in a 900 square foot apartment (it is a strange layout as well). So after much debating I think we've decided to go with a bigger place further east and try to get our deposit back on the small place. Unfortunately, the management group for this place is not in the office at all on the weekend, so we will need to be at their office first thing Monday morning. And so the saga continues....

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