Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Really Happening...

The house is empty, the truck is packed, and we're almost ready to go. Dan and I both need to go to work Monday and then it's off to Binghamton, NY Tuesday afternoon to see Matt, Bobbi, Kieran and Gabe.

We ordered an ABF truck Thursday afternoon and it was delivered to our driveway where it's been loaded up for the last three days. Doesn't Dan look like he's having fun?

Tonight we had a lot of friends over to say good bye. It was really fun to see everyone and eat pizza and drink beer. We have some many great friends here in Massachusetts that we're going to miss a lot. Hopefully they'll all come visit some day.

The next post will be from the road. Stay tuned...

Oh, I almost forgot to mention a hike we did a few weeks ago. For my birthday weekend Dan, John and I were supposed to go up to Maine to hike Mount Katahdin. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating so we decided to do a local hike Friday afternoon. We went to the Blue Hills Reservation and hike almost the entire Skyline Trail, for a total of about 16 miles in 6.25 hours (yes, we're crazy). John told us tonight that even his backpacking buddies think we're nuts (this is quite a compliment) so now we're really going to have to find the ultimate hike when John visits us in Boulder. Perhaps part of the Continental Divide or Longs Peak.

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