Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tornado watch in Iowa

We have about 784 cubic feet of stuff.

Tuesday morning the truck was picked up. We did the final walk-through at 12 Walnut. Made the last 3 hotdogs that were in the freezer for lunch, finished the chocolate ice cream (had to eat it with our fingers because the spoons were packed). About noon we locked up the house and started driving.

We stopped in Binghamton to see Matt and Bobbi, their son Kieran, and their new baby boy Gabe. It was good to see them again, it's been a while! We had dinner at a good Italian place called Grande. Then back on the road until about midnight, stopped in Chautauqua, NY.

Wednesday morning we were back on the road by 9am. Got out of NY, into PA for a bit, straight through OH, IN, and IL. Entered IA. Most of eastern Iowa is flooded, there was a road by UIowa that we couldn't go down because it was under water. Stopped in Iowa city for dinner at Perkin's, then back on the road.

There were some amazing storm clouds and lots of lightening. We got to hear what the Emergency Broadcast System sounds like when it isn't just a test. There were tornado warnings in two or three counties north and northwest of us, and severe thunderstorm warnings just about everywhere, the radio said quarter-sized hail was possible. We heard one quarter bounce off the roof of the Echo, will have to check out what kind of a dent we have in the morning.

We expect to be in Boulder tomorrow in time for the talk at Neptune. Then Friday and Saturday we'll start looking for a place to live, since the place we were going to stay fell through... when I talked to the owner on Monday he basically said "Oops, did I say it would be available July 6th? I meant August 6th."

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