Monday, July 7, 2008

Ahh, Wilderness

We saw a rattle snake today. It was actually quite uneventful, it was just chilling out on the side of the trail. Dan stumbled across him, backed up, and walked around. The snake didn't even move. The hike was really cool, though. It was north of Boulder by the reservoir in the prairie. I really wished we had the camera because the sun was setting and lighting up the mesas and valleys.

Amazingly we went climbing Saturday and didn't see any dangerous wildlife. We climbing at a rock called Nip and Tuck. We were on Tuck which was a bunch of slab climbs-- 5.6-5.8 we figured. It was a lot of fun. Thursday night we went for a really long walk from our place to the Sunshine Canyon/Mount Sanitas Trail, through downtown and back again. It was 7 miles in all (map).

I've been running and biking a lot, too. On my run yesterday morning I say probably a dozen rabbits, and handful of prairie dogs and three deer were on the path with me.


Dan said...

C'mon, I didn't walk right over a snake and then back up! I had my eyes open enough to spot the snake when I was still 15' away!

Ryan said...

Welcome to CO!

Now that you're here, you need to get up to speed on the local online resources for climbing and biking.

Want to hear about the local rides? has a nice "CO-Front Range" forum at:

For climbing, there is one site:

There is route info along with a decent forum.

For example:

If you take pics - be sure to post them. And feel free to add your comments.