Monday, July 21, 2008

Other Boulder Stuff

So, what else do we do in Boulder and why is it just so great? Both are excellent questions! You've read about the hiking and climbing we've done. You've even been privy to some of our runs, but there must be more, right? Well, there is!

There are a ton of great restaurants in Boulder. So far, we've only sampled a few, but what we have tried has been fantastic. There's an Ethiopian restaurant 3 blocks south of us. It's sits right on the creek and the food is awesome. Friday night we walked to a pizza place just down the street which was great. Across the street is a place that makes their own ice cream--each store has at least 40 flavors.

Boulder also has a lot of cultural and outdoor events. Chautauqua Park hosts the annual Colorado Music Festival. I've been to a couple of concerts and pre-concert lectures. The local mountaineering store also has weekly presentations. On Thursday we went and heard climbing legend Gary Neptune talk about the best climbs of the Tetons.

The downtown area of Boulder also has a lot going on. Twice a week they host an organic farmer's market and there are free concerts throughout the summer. I biked down to "Bands on the Bricks" one night last week. There was a band playing some fun 80s music. The whole Pearl Street area reminds me of Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market. It's an outdoor mall with lots live performers like jugglers, artists, and musicians. There's also a ton of restaurants and sculptures throughout the area.

Aside from all the outdoor excursions, I've also joined the North Boulder Recreation Center so I can swim and take yoga classes. There's also weights and other gym stuff, but the pool is much more fun! I've also enrolled in the Boulder Ballet School. They have a adult beginner ballet class once a week that people actually go to! I've been twice so far and haven't been the worst person there! I also joined the Boulder New Comers Club for couples and singles and have met a few people for coffee and hikes. Oh yeah, and I've started my job search. Nothing really to report yet, but I'll write when something exciting happens.

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