Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lots to Catch Up On

So, you may have noticed there aren't any pictures up from RoMo last weekend. That's because it poured all weekend and we had to call off our camping trip. Saturday, though, it stopped raining in the afternoon enough for us to hike around Chautauqua a bit. We headed up between the second and third Flatirons to scope out the area. We made it to the top of the third (as high as you could get hiking, anyway) and back around the park. As we were heading back up towards the First, we ran into a small bear. When we reported him to the rangers we were told he was probably just over two years old. They then proceeded to put up a sign in the area that there was bear activity (we actually saw it the other day!).

Sunday I did a 12 mile run (2:18) and then Dan and I did some mountain biking north of town. There were some really fun trails!

Monday we both worked and I swam after school. Dan's parents arrived on Tuesday and Dan took them through the Canyon and downtown.

Wednesday we took his folks up to Chautauqua hoping to get to the base of the First Flatiron. Jackie and I turned back after about an hour, Paul and Dan made it to the top. For lunch we hit the Great Harvest Bread Company. Jackie and Paul then went up to Celestial Seasonings and the Leanin' Tree Museum. After some time spent on school work I headed out for a bike ride in Four Mile Canyon. I ended up doing about 17 miles and gained 1,000 feet in elevation. Coming down was a blast!

Thursday Dan's folks went out to Golden to see some tourist attractions. That evening we all headed to Ras Kassas Ethiopian Restaurant for dinner.

Friday Dan's parents went to NCAR, the Boulder History Museum, and they took a bike ride to Community Cycles on the Goose Creek Path. After work I took my bike and headed into the hills (Dan and I also went for a run this morning). I went up into Sunshine Canyon and then cut over to Fourmile Canyon.

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