Friday, August 1, 2008

Wed, 7-30 & Thurs. 7-31

Wednesday morning I took mom to the airport so she could go back to Florida. She had a hard time saying goodbye to the mountains.

When I returned, I rode up into the canyon for a while. Some day I'll make it to Nederland--it may take me a couple of years to work up to that point, but some day!

After Dan was finished working, he wanted to go bouldering. Rather than going back to Mount Sanitas, we thought it would be fun to go up Flagstaff Mountain. Well, on bikes it sucked. It was a really, really steep road up Flagstaff, nevermind the steep hill up to Chautauqua (Flagstaff is past Chautauqua). We did get a little bouldering in, but not as much as we would have like.

Thursday Dan completed his 10 volunteers hours at Community Cycles, so the next time he goes he gets to start building his own bike. We both went to Neptune to hear about climbing in RoMo. The presentation was really funny and the rock looked spectacular!

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