Saturday, January 24, 2009


This cow was as big as our car! At least it seemed that way as we drove by.

Laurel says we hiked at least 12 miles today at the Heil Ranch. We saw lots of wildlife and other neat stuff -- aside from the horses and cows on the ranch, we saw an Abert's Squirrel, some Downy Woodpeckers, bones, mountain bikers, ruins, a rusted car and truck, and a rabbit. (see album)

We had lunch at this overlook:

Later along the trail Laurel found a jawbone, probably from a mountain lion kill:

This is a great trail, we'll come back sometime with our bikes.


Tom said...

on your bikes. . .so as to be able to escape the mountain lions ?

Dan said...

Actually I've heard that bikers are more at risk since the mountain lions see "moving fast" and think "deer".

Dan said...

... Although the terrain on these trails means we wouldn't be going too fast, even on the downhills.

Brian said...

The perspective in that video is strange. The cows on the left do not look like they are farther away, they look like miniature cows.