Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flagstaff Mountain

So, Dan's still broken so I went on a little outing. I road my bike to the Gregory Canyon parking lot (4.5 miles click here for map). Then I hiked up Flagstaff Mountain. This is a much smaller mountain with a summit of 6,700 feet. When I got to the top I followed on Range View Trail (pretty views) and then the Tenderfoot Trail loop. It was probably 60 degrees in the sun--just beautiful and I had the whole trail to myself! I was almost starting to get worried it was so warm that they bears would wake up from their little naps. Then I took the Gregory Canyon Trail back to the parking lot for a 6.5 mile hike. I road back home and then saw Coraline with Dan.


Tom said...

So how was Coraline? It's based on a Neil Gaiman book, which I've yet to read. . .other translations of his stuff have been hit and miss (Stardust was pretty decent).

Laurel Reckert said...

It was actually pretty good. The animation/claymation/whatever they used was outstanding.