Monday, April 27, 2009

April Weekend

It seems that I passed my cold on to Dan this weekend. Unfortunately, he seems to have gotten it a lot worse than I had it. So, he stayed in Saturday to try to get better. Even though it was foggy and lightly raining I decided to go to Sugarloaf Mountain (halfway between here and Nederland) to summit. But, it was so incredibly foggy up there I couldn't even tell if I was at the trailhead. So, instead I went to Betasso, hiked the loop, checked out Bummer's Rock, and previewed the link trail from Boulder Canyon to see if we could bike it.

Sunday was our second WTS field trip. We met up with our team over in Evergreen at Genesee Park. We spent the day traveling off-trail to locate points we plotted at home. We used our compasses, maps, and pace counts to find trees with tape on them. Both Dan and I located the points our teams were supposed to find! Afterward we had dinner at BeauJo's with Ann and Sean (from our team). Next week is snow travel day! Yay!

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