Saturday, June 6, 2009

Backpacking Day 1

Off into the wilderness....
Despite a chillier than normal forecast, we hit the trail with Adam Saturday morning armed with long johns and down jackets (Adam didn't have a jacket, but we did get him the 0-degree sleeping bag at REI). We weighed our packs before we left and each one of us was over 40 pounds. Dan was the heaviest at 52 pounds, so we knew the hiking would be slow going.

Lost Creek Wilderness greeted us with open arms as we set off to sunny skies and fields of wild flowers. We opted to hike our planned loop counter clockwise which meant we would be hitting some steep uphills on the first day. After nearly eight hours of hiking (and frequent breaks) we managed to go more than 6 miles and gain 3,000 feet in elevation. We set up camp just above a marshy area along Craig Creek. We wanted to make sure we were in the trees to block some of the howling wind that we battled all afternoon. Fortunately, the wind died down considerably, but unfortunately we ended up with a somewhat inclined site. I know I keep sliding down to the foot of the tent all night!

Adam tried his hand at fishing, but it was too cold so they weren't biting. Dan and Adam tried to light a fire, but between the wind, damp grass, and cold temps in the high elevation they failed on that front as well. After a very long day we were all tired and happy to get some rest!

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