Monday, June 8, 2009

Backpacking Day 3

Once again we hit the trail early--by 7:15 I believe. Mostly, we wanted to get moving because it was chilly in the morning. Day 3 turned out to be an easier day. We had a lot of downhill trail which was nice after Day 2's long mileage. We left the Colorado Trail and picked up the Payne Brook Trail to get us back to the car. Nearby this trail intersection was also an intersection of many streams. Craig Creek, which we camped by the first night, was even bigger and deeper here because of all the feeder streams. Adam couldn't resist taking out his rod and quickly caught several small brookies. Dan started a small fire and the boys had fish for lunch.

After our nice lunch stop, we decided to go up the trail another mile or so and make camp. It was early in the day, but we were all tired from the first two days and wanted to camp in a flat area by the creeks. After pitching the tent, Dan and I went off exploring to a saddle area he spotted on the topo and Adam tried his hand at fishing. Thunder and a little rain forced us off the ridge for an early supper. But, the skies cleared enough that we were able to have a good, old-fashioned campfire until the sun went down.

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