Saturday, August 15, 2009

August Happenings

Well, it's been a while since we posted anything, so I thought I would do a quick summary.

Many of you know that Dan is in Mass. this week and next. He's thoroughly enjoyed visiting with everyone! I started school this week (no kids yet) so I've been very busy while he's been gone. I even had to work all last weekend (Move Manager stuff for the schools' construction projects) so we didn't get to do anything adventurous.

However, last weekend we did go out to the Med (tapas restaurant) downtown and then to the Outdoor Cinema to see Office Space in celebration of Dan's birthday. That was very fun. We have both been running in preparation for a half marathon in September. I rode my bike to my new school two days this past week (12 miles one way) in preparation for a 50 mile ride which will also happen in September.

We're still looking at real estate. We found one condo two weeks ago that we put an offer on, but we were out bid. No big deal, there are plenty of other places out there! I looked today at a handful of places with the realtor and there's one or two I think Dan should see when he returns. Other than that, I did hike up Sugarloaf today after my long run.

Oh right, a week ago Monday we celebrated our 7th anniversary (wow!). After Dan got his toe nail removed (yes, very gross), we went to the Gold Hill Inn--the Boulder equivalent to the Wayside.

Hopefully next weekend there will be more exciting stories to tell and pictures to see!

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