Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eldora 10K

A 10k trail race at 9,000 feet isn't as easy as it sounds. Well, Dan thought it was easy enough because he beat his Bolder Boulder time by almost 2 minutes while dodging rocks, roots, and lots of mud. I, on the other hand, felt thankful to finish all in one piece.

The race was held on the cross country trails up at the Eldora Ski Resort about 30 minutes west of Boulder. The resort was also hosting an xTerra triathlon at the same time. I have a lot of respect for those folks -- swimming in 60 degree water, mountain biking and then running.

Anyway, we got up to the resort with Ann at around 7:30. At the pre-race meeting they warned us how muddy the course was going to be because Nederland had seen a lot of rain the last few days. And boy, the race director was right. There was a lot of mud to jump over or try to squish through. Aside from that, the race course was pretty neat. We winded through the woods, up hills, down hills, through meadows, single track, rocky wide sections -- you name it, we ran on it! I think the hardest part, though, was not knowing how far you had gone or how much was left. There was only one mileage marker on the whole course -- "2" (miles? km?) -- and aside from that you were out in the woods with 200 other people. A fun morning after all! Oh, to see our results, click here.

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