Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Pinnacle

Yay! Dan's home! So, we went climbing today. Because his toe is not completely healed, we wanted to try something less committing than a Flatiron. We went to one of our favorite and very accessible areas--the Amphitheater. Here, Dan led up a line on the East Bench we hadn't done before. As he was belaying me he heard someone talking on a cellphone and then some groaning noises. When I reached the top we looked over the edge and saw the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group practicing a rescue. One volunteer was acting as the victim and kept groaning which was the source of constant amusement for us.

Rather than rapping down into their rescue staging area, Dan led up the First Pinnacle and then I down-led a pitch to the ground. We called it a short day to protect Dan's toe. Unfortunately, he slipped on the trail as we were walking out and bruised his bum :(

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