Sunday, August 30, 2009

Longs Peak

On Sunday we climbed Longs Peak. It lived up to its name.

A quick synopsis:

4pm Sat: Set up camp at campground at trailhead. Checked out trail.
8pm Sat: Went to bed
2am Sun: Got up
2:45am: Started hiking with Ann and Sean
4:00am: Another hiker joins our group because his is going too fast. Patrick, a CSU football player, joins us for a good part of the day.
6:00am: Sunrise at the Keyhole
8:45am: Dan and Laurel summit
9:30am: Ann and Sean summit, L&D begin descent
11:30am: L&D reach Keyhole
1:30pm: Ann and Sean reach Keyhole
3:30pm: All four of us reach trailhead around the same time, with thunder rumbling overhead
4:30pm: Arrive home
5:30pm: Eat dinner
6:30pm: L&D go to bed and wake 7am Monday

Stats: 16 miles, 5,000 elevation gain == ONE LONG DAY!
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