Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hurricane Niwot

Dan and I had an adventure today. The weather forecast was gorgeous so we headed into the mountains. Dan plotted out a very cool loop between Ward and Nederland. We parked at the Sourdough trailhead near the CU Research Center. We were the only car in the lot at 9:30 -- a great sign! We snowshoed on the trail for about an hour and a half, then followed a valley towards the summit. About two hours later we finally obtained the summit of Niwot Mountain. It was very cool up there because the clouds kept blowing in different directions so every two minutes the view was different.

To pick up the trail again, we needed to traverse the ridge for over a mile. On a warm summer day, this would have been a very simple feat. Today, however, it was a bit more difficult. The wind was blowing constantly at about 20mph. There were sustained gusts up to 50 or 60 mph. This kind of headwind made things very difficult. Finally, we began our descent into the trees because we couldn't find the trail on the saddle. After 20 minutes heading due south, we finally intersected the trail. We followed this road for another hour or two, and then walked along the road to the car. Eight hours and 11.25 miles later we made it back! In this time, we only saw three other people--and that was only the last hour of the trip. A great (long) day.

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Ann said...

Long day! (I can't see the pics - is it because I'm using Chrome)?