Saturday, February 27, 2010

Colorado Fun

So, aside from all these great snowshoeing trips we've been taking, we have also enjoyed some other winter activities. Over the last few weeks, we have both managed to get to Eldora to take skiing lessons, on separate occasions. Because there aren't a lot of adults taking group lessons during the week, Dan and I both managed to get a two hour private lesson. Very coo!

Also on separate occasions, we have both managed to ride our bikes to Chautauqua, hike Green Mountain, and bike home. I went today and had a ton of fun. I think I broke my ascent record--today I got from the Amphitheatre parking lot to the summit in 1:23.

Last Sunday we got a good 8 inches of snow. I skied out the front door and up the Cottonwood Trail. It was a gorgeous afternoon with awesome snow!

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