Monday, June 28, 2010

Estes Cone run

Our plan for today was to run part of the Sourdough trail. The segment starts at the CU Alpine Research Center at around 9,000', ends at around 10,100' (if we actually made it all the way to the Brainard Lake area), has a fairly consistent grade, and would be in the shade.

Once we started driving to the trailhead, we realized that would put us right in the neighborhood where a guy with a rifle tied two hikers to a tree a few days earlier. OK, scratch that plan.

Instead we drove up to the Longs Peak trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park and ran up to Estes Cone.

Compared to our planned run, the trail started a little higher (9,400'), ended a lot higher (11,000'), had many ups and downs, some very steep sections at the end where we had to stop running and start hiking, and was almost entirely in the sun.

At least the first 50 minutes was runnable, so we got a good workout in. And then we got to run that part on the way back too.

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Brian said...

"where a guy with a rifle tied two hikers to a tree a few days earlier."

Do you guys carry anything for defense when out in the wild?

Dan said...

Sometimes tear gas, but it depends what I had for breakfast. Nothing lethal.