Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bunnies and a coyote

Last time I saw a coyote prowling around p-town I thought there's no possible way he was getting dinner. The prairie dogs were making so much noise to warn each other.

Laurel and I went for a long bike ride this evening. On our way home, she noticed a coyote wandering around. We stopped and watched for a while. It was only a few hundred feet away. The p-dogs were going nuts. The coyote walked right over to a p-dog hole, picked up a p-dog, carried it 20 feet away, and had dinner! Neither one of us could believe how easily he did that, it was like a fast-food drive-thu for coyotes.

After dinner, the coyote peed on the leftovers (twice) and walked away.

Oh yeah. We also saw a deer on 76th St. and at least 4 bunnies along the Boulder Creek path.

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