Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trail runs

The big race is just 10 days away (yikes!). Laurel has been tapering down (good plan) while I have been tapering up -- I've only run 15 miles since I hurt my knee a month ago, so it's hard to go anywhere but up!

Laurel did a big run with a guy from the Boulder Trail Runners yesterday. They ran up Flattop Mountain in RMNP. Map of their route. Pictures.

Yesterday I got out for an early morning bike ride and ran up to the First Flatiron summit. On the way down I scoped out the Witch's Cabin (a rock formation near the First Flatiron).

If the trail I ran yesterday was brutal, then the trail I ran today was relentless! Every time I reached the "top" of a section of trail, it took a corner and went up even steeper! The trail I speak of is the Mount Sanitas Trail. It gains something like 1,200 feet elevation over 1.25 miles (18% grade).

I also ran down the Sanitas Valley Trail, then back up it, then down and up the Goat trail -- a bit more than 5 miles total for me today, and my knee is doing great! This map shows the trails, but not in the order I ran them.

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