Tuesday, September 7, 2010

North Table Mountain

After a day of climbing trad it was time to hit some sport routes. We had a recommendation to check out North Table Mountain in Golden -- supposedly a great beginner sport/TR area. The internets indicated that Brown Cloud Crag would be a good starting point.

Going to Golden was a good idea -- much less smoke, but still a little haze from the Fourmile fire. We found the crag pretty easily and Justin started to lead up a route that was supposed to be a 5.7 warmup. Turns out the picture in the book was labeled incorrectly, so we were on a 5.9+ instead. We ended up top roping that route, then found the correct route a few towers over.

Since it was only a 5.7, and we were pretty sure of that now, I led this one. When I got to the top though, the anchors freaked me out a bit. The bolts were in a hunk of rock that looked solid, but not really attached to anything.

I was in an awkward place to lower off so I rigged the toprope and walked off the top. Justin climbed the route next and didn't like that hunk of rock too much either.

Next up was an unbolted dihedral. We set up a top-rope on this one and each climbed it twice. Good route with a couple of tricky sections.

The climbing was fun, but the whole area stank of the Coors Brewery and the sewage treatment plant right next door to it. And it was very hot -- the guidebooks recommend climbing there in the winter since it gets so much sun.

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