Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bear Peak

We decided to do a local hike today, so Dan picked out a route up Bear Peak. We started at Shanahan Ridge, a nice neighborhood trailhead, and then took a connecting trail to Fern Canyon. On the way, we discovered the base of "The Slab," a huge piece of rock with very little pro. As we got closer to the summit ridge, the wind really picked up and the temperature dropped 15 degrees. We were glad to have our windbreakers, hats, and gloves!

On the summit we were hanging out and two scantily-clad runners popped up from the trail. After a couple of stolen glances, I recognized one as ultra-runner Tony Krupicka. A little star-struck, I couldn't think of anything to start up a conversation about and just climbed past him.

Dan and I continued to South Boulder Peak and then descended Shadow Canyon. Later in the day, Dan found Tony's blog and confirmed that it was him. He's run up Green Mountain 282 times this year and run up Bear Peak 25 times. I, in contrast, have run up Green 5 times and Bear once.

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