Friday, October 15, 2010

Elk Rut

We saw elk fighting and heard them bugling! Sorry, this is a much delayed follow-up from Dan's post last week. After our adventures on Mount Wuh we drove back through Rocky Mountain and into Estes Park. There were maybe three dozen elk on the golf course in the middle of town! As the sun was quickly setting behind the mountains, we were able to see two 8-pointers fighting for a female's affections near the putting green. Then, we were able to listen to many eerie calls as darkness fell. At first, we thought we heard a kid crying/screaming. But then, as we got further away from the small crowd, we realized the sound was actually the elk. You would think these animals would have a low, raspy grunt. But alas, their high-pitched cries would confuse even the smartest of my Kindergartners. For such a large animal, they sure do sound strange. Nevertheless, it was very exciting. We've heard about the elk rut for two years now, and it was awesome to actually see and hear it!

On an unrelated note, I went for a quick run after school today on a new trail halfway between school and home. The trail was adjacent to cattle grazing lands and this afternoon I saw three cowboys (really!) riding their horses and round up the cattle to move them to the next field. One of the cowboys was even texting while he was working.

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