Saturday, October 16, 2010

St. Mary's Glacier

Today we hiked up to St. Mary's Glacier. With skis.

Call us crazy but we weren't the only ones getting a head start on the season. What we intended to ski was a lot like the trail: dirt and rocks. But there was enough snow, ice, and water to make it feel a little like east-coast skiing -- just kidding :) :)

First though we hiked to the top of the "glacier" to a point where we could check out James Peak. Beautiful day, as you can see.

I nearly did a cartwheel on my first run down, when one of my ski tips caught under a flake of ice. Somehow I caught myself and made it to the bottom without falling. Laurel had a good a run down the slope, then I did a few more runs.

It's not quite backcountry skiing but we're getting there.


evan said...

You rock! Love the enthusiasm. Didn't see the pictures though. (i've had troubles mixing youtube and photos on blogger, you get one or the other)

Dan said...

Ev, check again for the pictures -- the server was down for a day or two.