Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wonderland Lake walk

We went for a walk near Wonderland Lake today. While still on the main trail, we saw a coyote prowling about, probably in search of a prairie dog lunch.

An unnamed trail headed up the hogback. It looked like a traveled trail and had no closure signs, so we took it through the golden grasses. After forking off that trail and then another, we were high up on the ridge. We saw a bunch of deer sitting in the grass; two of the males sparred briefly.

We continued on trails heading north and downhill as much as possible to complete our loop, but after some time the trails either turned uphill or petered out. We weren't far from the Old Kiln trail so we cut a few hundred yards through the grass to connect with it. In total we covered just over 3 miles in about an hour.

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