Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anne U. White/Sunshine Canyon

I went to church today....Church of the Holy Trail, that is! Fred Ecks, a BTR runner, designs massive runs almost every Sunday. They always sound like a lot of fun, but I've never been brave enough to try one. Today I got up some courage and met Fred, a seasoned ultra-marathoner, and Scott, another ultra runner, at the Anne U. White Trailhead. They were planning on doing 26 miles today up and down Sunshine and Lefthand Canyons. I tagged along for the first hour and half and then turned around.

It was a beautiful, although cloudy and chilly, morning. The sun shined on us just as we left the parking lot (which I rode my bike to), and that was all we saw of it for the rest of the day. We ran up the 2 mile White Trail and gained a little bit of elevation. Here, the trees were dusted with a little overnight snow. I wish I had my camera! Then we continued on an unmarked trail up to a jeep road. As we climbed up to Sunshine Canyon, there was evidence of the Four Mile Fire everywhere. Trees were scorched, houses were gone. Because of the moisture, we could smell the char and smoke. It was amazing how much the fire jumped around. Some spots were black, and others were completely fine. Some neighborhoods had houses standing next to just foundations and chimneys.

We reached Sunshine Canyon Road and followed it for a bit. Then we turned onto County Road 83 (dirt) not too far from Gold Hill. We passed the old Sunshine School House. It was very cool! It was a one room, historic building made of local rocks. It looks like it opens occasionally to the public. We then reached Sunshine Saddle and I decided to turn back before descending into Lefthand Canyon. The run back to my bike was chilly, but mostly downhill. I managed to find my way back along the faint trails and got back to my bike before it got too wet at lower elevations. A fun day! I can't wait to attend my new church again.

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