Saturday, April 9, 2011

South Boulder Peak run

Today we rode our bikes down to the South Mesa trailhead for a mountain-run. Once there, Laurel decided to go for a walk instead while I ran. I headed up the Homestead trail, then the Shadow Canyon trail towards South Boulder Peak. It took me 82 minutes to run almost 3.5 miles (with 2800' gain, that's a 15% grade, ouch!). I was feeling pretty good after a 10 minute break up top, and the day was beautiful, so I continued on to Bear Peak. At the end of my run I had gone 8.3 miles in about 2:45. Between that and 20 miles on the bike, I was covered in salt by the time I got home!

(I found a new website that makes trail map-making much easier, 'cause it has route data from OSM -- check out my run on Bike Route Toaster.)

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