Wednesday, June 15, 2011

B-180 and Bike Park

Every year we miss the official B-360 ride around Boulder -- this year I think because we were out climbing that Saturday. We decided to check it out Wednesday night -- actually we did the B-180 so it was just 18 miles, not 26.

Before heading home we checked out the new Valmont Bike Park that opened in our neighborhood last weekend. Pretty sweet! It was lots of fun riding the well-designed one-way singletrack with bumps and curves and optional "features" that we mostly skipped. I say mostly because at one point I went over a small wooden bridge thing and then over some cobbles laid into the path. And then I went over a wavy wooden bridge and nearly made it. Just before the end my front tire slipped off the bridge, I went over the handlebars, and my bike somersaulted over me (and landed on two wheels). I got scraped up a bit but it was pretty funny to see the bike land like that in front of me. Laurel was right behind me, saw the whole thing, and was relieved that I was laughing afterward.

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