Monday, July 4, 2011

First Flatiron/Green Mountain Run

Per Dan's suggestion, I decided to ride my bike to Chautauqua and run up the First Flatiron. By the time I got there at 7:30, I was already sweating like a pig! It was hot!

I ran up the trail in 36 minutes (I think a new PR). It was so beautiful out that I decided to go down the back side and pop up Green Mountain. When the trail was steep I was hiking and when it leveled off I was running. So, I didn't really run to the top. Oh well. When I got up there, there were a ton of people! I had to wait 10 minutes to get a spot on the summit block. Then I ran down the Ranger Trail and linked up with Gregory Canyon and Baseline. Overall it was about six miles. Here's the map.

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